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"BLUE PERIOD" Ryuji Ayukawa motif scarf

Regular price Rp 292.000,00 IDR
Regular price Rp 589.000,00 IDR Sale price Rp 292.000,00 IDR

A scarf with the motif of Ryuji Ayukawa from the TV anime "BLUE PERIOD".

The design is studded with motifs such as frills and aprons, and is finished in a sophisticated and mature atmosphere with the image of Ryuji Ayukawa, who feels somehow ephemeral while being fancy.

Wrap it around your neck, bag, or hair for a fashion accent. Uses materials and soft satin chiffon fabric. A product with a feminine and soft look.

Size: Approximately 60 x 60 cm
Material: Polyester (satin chiffon)