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“Attack on Titan” The Final Season KIZUNA FUROSHIKI

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"KIZUNA FUROSHIKI" designed with paper-mache characters

The Japanese pattern is a very cute design that is very soothing.

The fabric is a new material that sticks together just by pasting it together.

~Furoshiki that sticks together just by wrapping it~
Furoshiki using a special fabric that sticks together just by overlapping the fabrics.​
It has enough frictional force to support two 2L PET bottles (about 4kg), and can protect wine bottles, laptops, miscellaneous goods, etc.​
In addition, the fabric is soft like a towel, so it fits the things you want to wrap, and you can put your luggage together in a suitcase or bag.​

Material: 100% polyester (front microfiber, back ultra-fine pile fabric)​
Size expansion: 48 x 48 cm
Country of Origin: China​
Processing: sublimation transfer / antibacterial processing