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予約商品と通常商品を同じカートで注文した場合、予約商品と一緒に配送されるため、通常商品の配送が遅くなります。 予めご了承ください。

When ordering pre-order item, be sure to order the cart separately from the regular items. If you order a pre-order item and a regular item in the same cart, the item will be shipped together with the pre-order item, so the delivery of the regular item will be delayed. Please note.

【欧州への荷物発送に関してのご案内 】 ウクライナ情勢による航空領域の閉鎖に伴い、商品の発送を船便で行っております。到着まで約3か月掛かりますので、予め御理解ください。

[Information on shipping goods to Europe ] Due to the closure of the airspace due to the situation in Ukraine, we are shipping goods by sea. Please understand in advance that it will take approximately three months to arrive.

After the sales contract is concluded, we cannot accept any cancellation of the order due to customer's convenience.

Customers who wish to deliver in Indonesia are requested to provide their taxpayer tax registration number. (NPWP)