the Specified Commercial Transactions Law


 the Specified Commercial Transactions Law Rub-Lab Inc. Management Responsibility: Representative Director Masahide Tanimoto

Wako Miyamasuzaka Building 3F 2-19-19 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 

For inquiries, please email us.
Capital 10 million yen
Selling price It is displayed for each product.
Incidental costs: Consumption tax Shipping / Other fees: Refer to the shipping column
How to order Order from this site
payment method Credit card, Amazon pay, PayPal, paypay, carrier payment, bank transfer
Payment time

Credit Card, Amazon pay, PayPal, paypay, Carrier Payment: Instant Payment

Bank transfer: Within 1 week of ordering

Product delivery

[Shipping to Japan]

Nationwide uniform 900 yen (excluding tax)

[Shipping overseas]

We offer international shipping to most countries with a flat rate of JPY 3,000 (excluding tax). Your shipping method and shipping time will be determined at our discretion based on the best shipping method available at the time. Whenever possible, we will use Japan Post exclusively as a carrier and air transport. Depending on the shipping address, it usually takes 3 days to 2 weeks for the package to arrive. Import duties and taxes (including VAT) may be levied on your order. These occur when the cargo arrives in the destination country. AIR TWOKYO is not responsible for these charges and is responsible for you if these charges are applied.

* EMS delivery * Delivery destination, please refer to the following

Product delivery time

Approximately 10 days after ordering (shipping between Japan and overseas will occur, so it may take some time) * If delivery is not possible due to the delivery status of the delivery company, natural disasters, unseasonable weather, or other unavoidable circumstances, or due to traffic conditions. Please note that there are also some.

[Information on shipping goods to Europe] Due to the closure of the airspace due to the situation in Ukraine, we are shipping goods by sea. Please understand in advance that it will take approximately three months to arrive.

Returns and exchanges after product delivery

We cannot accept returns, returns,size exchanges.

However, we will return or exchange the product only in the following cases.

1. Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the item whose contents and quantity are different from the ordered item. We may not be able to accept returns after the product has been used, even if the product content is incorrect.

2. The product was defective (damaged, scratched, soiled)
After contacting us, we will check if there is a substitute and if there is a problem with the substitute. As soon as you return it, we will check the defective part and send you a replacement.

* Depending on the product, there may be a slight error between the numerical value and the actual dimensions.

* For inquiries regarding product returns and exchanges, we will only accept inquiries by email or phone.

* After the sales contract is concluded, we cannot accept any cancellation of the order due to customer's convenience.

About resale If we determine that the order is for resale or fraudulent order, such as ordering by creating multiple accounts to the same delivery destination, we may change the order details or cancel the order.
About purchase and receipt of products, etc. If the user or the recipient specified by the user does not receive it within the period, we shall be able to store it for one month and dispose of it.
Please note that even in this case, you will still be required to pay the amount of expenses incurred including the fare.