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Yotasuke Takahashi Motif Big Tote Bag

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A big tote bag featuring Yotasuke Takahashi from the TV anime "BLUE PERIOD".

The motif is the flannel shirt worn by Yotasuke Takahashi, and the bottom fabric is also the tweed fabric used in the flannel shirt.

The size is F8 (W38 * H45.5cm) canvas board, and there is a pen holder and accessory pocket on the inside. It also has a bottom stud on the bottom and has excellent functionality.

The designed "YOU DON'T GET THE PIECE ... AT ALL" contains a line that strictly said to Hatora, "I don't know anything about you," and under the logo is Yotasuke Takahashi's cuteness. Express the mole.

Size: W610 * H430 * D180mm

Handle: 630 * width 32 * thickness 1.8 mm

Material: cotton